Preston - #12-027
Male - 10 years

When people find out that Preston is 10 years old, they can hardly believe it! This loving, loyal male Golden Retriever is full of pep and ready to settle into his forever home. After Preston’s owners could no longer care for him, he ended up with GRRNT and has proven to be a wonderful companion. Preston is a great big pile of love-a 75 pound lap dog! He follows his foster family around the house and snuggles up any chance he can get.

Although Preston has shown some aggression toward other male dogs, he has no problem with his foster sister, who is a 9-year old Golden. Preston will be most content as an “only dog”, or paired with an older, mellow female.

Nicknamed “Thumper” by his foster family, Preston happily wags his tail whenever he catches a glance from loved ones. Preston loves taking walks, rolling around in the grass, being brushed and having his ears scratched. He prefers to stay indoors and can be left home alone for hours at a time. Preston would be fine in a home where family members are at work or school full-time. He is completely housebroken and does not counter-surf, dig, or chew. Although Preston is a “gentle giant”, he doesn’t really like it when children pull his fur or play raucously around him. It will be best for Preston to be adopted by a family without young kids.

As with many older dogs, Preston has problems with his hips. Since he’s started taking medication for the pain, Preston has gained a spring in his step and become a much happier pup. He would likely benefit from daily walks or swimming to stay healthy.

Preston is a sweet, youthful Golden Oldie. The recent transitions may have been difficult for Preston, but he’s a resilient dog and has adapted beautifully. Preston has so much love to give...he deserves a forever home that will adore and care for him for years to come!

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