Grant - #12-052
Male - 6 years

We have no way of knowing how much time Grant was alone before being rescued. He was heartworm positive when he arrived, has successfully completed the grueling and expensive treatment and is now adoption ready. Since coming to GRRNT, Grant has shown his deep need to be loved. He will nudge your arm as a friendly reminder that he would like to be petted. Without question, Grant is happiest when his family is available to shower him with the attention his vulnerable heart craves. He must be placed in a forever home where at least one family member is home during the day. Additionally, he will need the company of another fun loving dog.

Grant's foster mom describes him as a snuggle bug; naptime on the couch while being petted is pure bliss for this gentle giant. Otherwise, look for him curled up on his very favorite dog bed; a luxury he seems never to have experienced until now.

Grant does not like being confined. Being crated or gated into a room alone incites anxiety and a determination to break out and search for his humans. Grant has repeated proven that he is Houdini and no crate can contain him. Doggie doors are an open invitation for him to explore the back yard looking for an escape route. The vet has prescribed a daily dose of anti-anxiety medicine to help reduce his distress. Fortunately, he has shown an excellent response to the medication.

Grant enjoys the company of other dogs; a confident, playful female would be an excellent match for his personality and help distract him when the humans are out. He has no interest in toys, doesn't play fetch and is perfectly content to hang out gnawing a chew bone. Grant is housebroken, but if counter surfing provides him with an inappropriate treat, his sensitive stomach will quickly give him away.

Sweet Grant will need to be placed in a forever family where someone is home for most of the day. Because he's pretty mellow, he would make an excellent companion for a retiree looking for a furry friend. Grant is extremely intuitive and intelligent; perhaps he knows that his happily ever after, forever family is looking for him with the same determination with which he's been trying to find them.

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