Goober - #12-049
Male - 9 months

Hi, these silly rescue people have named me Goober. Iím not really sure why, but it may have something to do with how sweetly I will melt into your lap at snuggle time.

As puppies go, foster mom says Iím as graceful as a new born giraffe. I have long legs and Iím still learning how to fit all of me on your lap. Usually, I flop myself across a willing body, let my legs dangle and concentrate on delivering my sweet puppy kisses. Itís a sure fire way to make my foster mom laugh.

I really like the dogs here - the little one is so much fun to play with. After weíve played chase and wrestle itís time to sack out right beside the older doggies. Gosh, I really hope there will be a doggy playmate in my forever home too. Iíve met the family cat and let me tell you, sheís way different than a dog. She made it very clear that she is not going to put up with my puppy antics.

Hey, I just discovered that tennis balls have fuzz on them that needs to be pulled off. Believe me, only a very special puppy can so deftly remove that annoying texture! Iím loving my chew bones too; great way to keep my pointy puppy teeth busy. Foster mom has some nifty fuzzy toys; I think she called them slippers. Boy, she doesnít like it when I try to play with them. Humph, she needs to learn how to share. I love kids Ė they leave all sorts of interesting things on the floor and they donít mind if I claim them as my own. They make great playmates too. Foster mom says Iím such a gentle, mellow guy that I will do fine even with little kids.

Itís probably important for you to know that Iím not a fan of crates. Nope, not me! I really need to stretch my long legs and crates are just too confining. I sure hope my forever family doesnít believe in crates! If someone is home most of the day, Iím a reliably good puppy. Oh, and donít let me forget to tell you my big boy news. Iím almost completely house trained! ĎCourse, when I get to my new home I might need a refresher course. And could I go to school? Iím such a good learner Ė we could really become a great family if we all practiced learning the rules together.

Just so you know, I am fully prepared to love, love LOVE you. Please come meet me and let me be your forever cuddle buddy.

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